What is our mission?

Sew Very Loved exists to to use the teaching of life skills
to teach the beautiful women of Jamaica not only how to make a living working with their hands, but also to help
them see how much God loves them and gave Himself for them in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ.

We also hope that through serving in this ministry for one week there will be some who will commit their lives to full time mission work in some capacity. 



We are solely funded by the generous donations of people around the world and are a non profit ministry.


Cletis and Tammy Titus are missionaries with Baptist Mid Missions and have been serving in Jamaica since 2009 while also representing BMM in the Southeast United States.

Sew Very Loved Weeks 2020:
April 18-25: La Romana, Dominican Republic *Now Fully Staffed
July 11-18: Montego Bay, Jamaica/Hillview Baptist
July 18-25: Pitfour, Jamaica/Pitfour Gospel Chapel
November 28-December 5: Guimaca, Honduras/Orphanage Emmanuel

Our History

The ministry of Sew Very Loved was started in 2015 after missionary Tammy Titus identified the need to teach ladies in Bogue Village, Montego Bay, Jamaica how to sew and make jewelry as a means to further their life skills and also enable some to have a means to support themselves. It started with just her and one lady sitting around a coffee table sewing and quickly grew to four ladies. Sewing and jewelry making became an outlet not only for teaching creative skills but also a way of discipling/mentoring ladies through the teaching of scripture and bible studies. That small group around a coffee table expanded to week long lessons being taught each summer since 2015 with the largest week averaging 47 ladies. Sessions started first at Bay Life Baptist Church in Bogue Village and then spread to another campus at Hillview Baptist Church in the Albion Rd District of Montego Bay in the summer of 2018. 2019 has seen a new campus starting in La Romana, Dominican Republic as well. Each session consists of lessons in sewing, jewelry making/beading, crochet and occasionally pencil sketch and quilting. No session is complete without the sharing of God’s word through a short bible study. Each new student is given a new bible to keep as a gift. All the supplies for the week such as sewing machines, fabric, notions, beads, tools, yarn, etc are generously given by donors stateside and are a gift to the church campus to keep to use in continued classes throughout the calendar year.